Hello World

Hello, welcome to the Beit HaTorah website.

We are a Messianic congregation located in the St. Louis Metro East area in Belleville, Ill.

We are followers of Yeshua (Jesus) who strive to follow the Bible with no division between Old and New Testament. This allows the Scripture to flow as one complete book and eliminates much confusion over seemingly contradicting passages.

As one Scripture and one Torah, we still follow many of the mitzvot, or commands, of the Books of Moses that were provided to set apart Israel from the pagan nations that surrounded them. We meet on Shabbat, eat Biblically kosher and observe the High Holy Days as given by Adonai.

We believe this lifestyle brings about sanctification, but not justification.

Yeshua alone provides the redemption and payment for our sins, restoring us to a righteous place in the presence of G-d.

On a personal note, my name is Ken Stephens, teacher at Beit HaTorah and student at TorahResource Institute. You can follow me on Twitter @KenStephens.

Come join us with any questions you have; we would be happy to help you look through Scripture for the answers and grow with you!


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