Never Forget!

Adonai, Master, Creator
who set the round course of the world,
birth, death, and disease –

Creator, who caused veins, brains, and bones to grow,
who fashioned us air that we might breath and sing

Remember that we are incomplete
and inconsolable, our vision clouded by ashes.

Remember the chimneys, the ingenious habitations of death where part of
Israel’s body drifted as smoke through the air.
Remember the mutilated music of their lives.

We lament in fields of loneliness
for six million of our number torn away. Remember them.

There are some who have no memorial.
They are perished as though they had never been.
Forget them not.

Remember the landscape of screams
engraved at entrance gates to death.
Remember the unborn dreams.

Remember the terror of children, whose tears were burned. Remember the
agony of parents, whose blessings were consumed.

Remember the prayers of the dying,
the shame and suffering of the innocent.

Remember. We have not forgotten You
though all this has befallen us

Remember the God-forsaken millions in a silent world,
their loneliness was matched only by Yours.

Who is like You, Adonai, among the silent,
remaining silent through the suffering of Your children?

Are You not God, Adonai, that we may hope in You?
Renew the light of Your creation, which has been dimmed.

Renew in Your creatures Your image, which has been desecrated. Restore the
covenant, which Your people have maintained.

Remember the hopes of the slain
by sending redemption to Your shattered world.

In spite of everything which strangles hope,
help us to continue the sustaining song of their lives.